XAC Properties

You will need:

     A Valid Government Photo Identification

     A Social Security Card or Green Card

     Automobile Information including Tag Number

     List all additional occupants including both adults and children

     Landlord or Mortgage Contact Information for the Last Three Years

     Employer's Contact Information including Salary for the Last Three Years

     Personal Reference Contact Information

     Three months of Bank Statement, Credit Card Statements and other loan information

     Describe any pets including vaccination information

     There is a $50.00 per Adult Application Fee

Application Procedure:

     Fill out application

     Pay application fee (All occupants over the age of 18 must submit an application, government ID and a $50 application fee).

     Credit Check performed

     Criminal Background Check performed

     Civil Background Check performed

     Employment verified

     Landlord or Mortgage verified

     References verified

     Generally 24-72 Hour Average Turn Around Time for Approval or Denial

     Sign lease & pay reservation fee (becomes security deposit) within 24 hours of Approval Notification


In this very fast paced rental market it is very common for there to be multiple applications on the same property. For an application to be considered all adults over 18 are required to submit a completed application with fee. All applications will be dated and time stamped. Other applications can still be submitted as BACK UP applications. We do not consider or process back up applications unless the primary applicant is denied. We follow all Federal Fair Housing Laws.

Rental Criteria

All occupants over the age of 18 must submit an application, government ID and a $50 application fee.

We require established income and employment in the Metro Nashville area. If you are unable to provide this but have other documentation you may still be approved with additional deposit, rent paid in advance and/or a co-signer.

You must be able to show proof of three times the monthly rent in pre-tax income (combined between all adults residing in the new unit). We will verify income and employment stability.

We must be able to verify at least one year of positive rental history or mortgage history. You must have paid your rent on time, had no complaints, fulfilled your lease obligations and left the property in acceptable condition. Prior evictions are not acceptable.

You must be credit worthy. Current issues are not acceptable.

You must have an acceptable criminal and civil background. Current issues are not acceptable.

If you meet all of these standards we generally require one and a half months of rent as a refundable security deposit.

Should you be unable to meet all of the basic rental criteria you may still be able to rent from us. We may consider approving you with a larger security deposit, rent paid in advance and/or a co-signer.

If you have any issues that may prevent you from being approved please bring them to our attention when you submit your application.


Once we begin processing your application all fees are non-refundable.